The Power to Destroy Everything

by Codename Trigger Thumb

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Act II - The Power to Destroy Everything

The origins of the witch were unknown.

She was thought to be the beginning and the end. Her flowing, white hair once a symbol of hope, was now a blinding reminder of a world that was. She was the creator of it all. The hand that crafted Code. She was known simply as The Composer. She created Code in her likeness.

The Composer whispered to Code in an ancient tongue, "The world must never forget these melodies, and you must keep them safe. Each one resembles a moment in our lives. We will always have these moments and you will be our savior. There will come a time when the world will need not a god, but a beacon of hope. Code, you will be that hope, but you will not be alone. The ones they call Trigger Thumb shall protect you. This world will beat you down, it will scorn you and try to destroy you. Code, you must never give up."

The Composer sealed eight of the most precious melodies deep within Code's data. When the time comes, Code can only be awoken by these melodies, and only Trigger Thumb can understand them.

"They are coming for me now Code, but i will not let them hurt you. I am your mother and now, it is my destiny to protect you. Should I leave this world, I will live on in these melodies and in you. They think they can take everything from us, and they think that what they are doing is moral and just. But they are very, very wrong".

As her speech halted, a red devil appeared in the sky, anointing the Composer in fire. The battle raged on and the composer shielded Code in magic.

The composer fought until she could not take another step. As she fell to her knees, the demon took a human form and spoke to her.

"You, the Composer!" the tormented soul called out, "You bow before us now. This is our world! We do not need law and order. We do not need hope and peace. We need a new reality. A reality of death and destruction. Only then will you understand true suffering."

"The Devourer has come and he is a hungry god. He will consume this world so that a new world may rise out of the flames. A world that the demons shall rule!"

He strung the witch up as he talked, taunting her and throwing stones and debris at her as she wept from her cross made of sticks. More demons arose from the flames and the flames began to lick her as they drew ever closer.

They cackled as the Composer began to burn and, as the life left her body, a darkness eclipsed the world. When the flames went out, the only light that remained fell in a halo around Code, who was now more vulnerable than ever. The demon bound Code in chains and carried her off. One final tear fell from the Composer's face to the ground.

"To Point Nemo! We may have a use for her yet!"


After years of blood, sweat, tears, three members of Codename Trigger Thumb unite at last to bring you "The Power to Destroy Everything."

In this emotional prequel to Stand Tall and Shake the Heavens, we meet Code's mother, the Composer. With the world facing destruction, the Composer leaves the gift of game music with Code, who must protect the one thing our world needs most.

A story of love and ultimate sacrifice at the end of the world, "The Power to Destroy Everything" is an incredible evolution in the sound of Codename Trigger Thumb. More than that, it is a reminder that we can never give up on the things we love.

" Truly impressive cinematic post-rock, (a Tolkien-esque feeling) stunning!" - Zero Music Magazine


released April 16, 2017

Zeo Chan - Drums, guitars, arrangement, Synths
Joe Tkacz - Bass, arrangement, piano, synth
Angela Tkacz - Piano, arrangement, synth
Grant "Stemage" Henry - Guitar
Viking Guitar - Mastering
Cover Art - Anna Collien
All mixing was done by Zeo Chan



all rights reserved


Codename Trigger Thumb Windsor Locks, Connecticut

It is the end of days. Governments have shut down all video game devices and have been issued orders by the president to destroy any remaining games, both past and present. Gaming as the world once knew it will cease to exist.

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